Jerome Franklin


Jerome Franklin was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.  He graduated from Akron Barber College in 2001.  With 12 year experience he has grown from being a rookie barber fresh out of school, quiet, and underestimated to being one of the most well-known barbers in Youngstown.

For 5 years he worked at a shop and studied the skills of other master barbers. He worked and learned the business and began to build his clientele.  He then knew it was time to step out on his own and start his own barber shop.  On June 13, 2006 he opened The Starting Line-Up Barbershop with God’s grace and the GREATEST group of barbers. In June Mr. Franklin and The Starting Line-Up will celebrate our 7th year in existence.

Mr. Franklin and The Starting Line Up take pride in themselves to be a respectable and professional establishment for all ages.  The Starting Line-Up shows examples how to run a successful business.

Mr. Franklin formed JEF Enterprises to serve as a parent company of the barbershop and to oversee additional ventures.  His vision and entrepunureal spirit lead him to launch “The Nail Biter” product in 2009.  The Nail Biter is a promotional fingernail clipper that displays your favorite college and pro team mascot, player, and cartoon character.  JEF Enterprises and The Nail Biter will launch its own apparel line in fall 2013.

Mr. Franklin, JEF Enterprises, and The Starting Line Up is also in the process of……………………………………. Never mind stay tuned the BEST is yet to come!


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